Canon Arizona 2300 FLXflow, Flatbed Printer

*FLXflow technology- Airflow technique combined with a zone-less, multi-origin table layout, supported by pneumatic registration pins.

*Sharp prints- Sharp, high-key prints up to 95 m2/hr and high-density prints up to 64 m2/hr.

*Automated Maintenance System- Hands-free printhead maintenance, restore nozzle function in seconds

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Arizona 2300 FLXflow

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The Arizona 2300 FLXflow consists of true flatbed printers based on UV-curable ink. Quick, reliable and low-maintenance, the latest Arizona printer provides the optimum in print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications. Enjoy a mind-blowing application range, instant-on capability and self-learning technology that will help you further expand your expertise – and business. Design complex jobs once, and then easily adapt and repeat to save time on future projects. The new Arizona 2300 FLXflow is designed to serve the versatile printing needs of printers who require peak production capacity, for instance exceeding 700 m2/week, in a single shift.

Edge-to-edge printing can be achieved with ease, for media or objects of up to 1.25 by 2.5 meters with the GTF models and 2.5 by 3.08 meters with the XTF models.

Arizona FLXflow technology- The Arizona 2300 FLXflow is built around Arizona FLXflow technology that revolutionises the way we look at flatbed table architecture, to enable easy to use, versatile and productive printing. Say goodbye to costly masking: Arizona FLXflow technology introduces an impressive airflow technique combined with a zone-less, multi-origin table layout, supported by easy-to-use pneumatic registration pins. This results in less masking, easy and hasslefree job switching and versatile, accurate and productive multi-board or double-sided printing.

The Arizona 2300 FLXflow employs the award-winning VariaDot printing technology as featured in all Arizona printers. This offers near photorealistic print quality for reliable printing in even the fastest production modes. VariaDot printing technology uses multiple droplet sizes in every print. The right drop volume is used for each specific image feature: small drops for fine detail, mid-sized drops for colour transitions, and large drops for areas of heavy colour saturation. The High-Key print mode and enhanced screening give you superior print quality, print after print. The option to add light cyan and light magenta inks, our brightest white UV ink ever, or varnish to your ink channels enables even higher-quality photo and fine-art applications.

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